Why You Should Have a Maintenance Agreement for Your Website

One of the most often overlooked components, yet one of the most critical components, to any successful website strategy is ongoing maintenance. While the initial website project is critical to creating the right foundation, the ongoing maintenance and upkeep is where you’ll really see your website start to maximize the return on your investment.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that the website is up to date, fully functional and continues to serve its purpose of drawing viewers to your products or services. There are a number of components that require regular attention, such as site backups, broken links, functionality or “plugin” updates, product releases and search engine optimization (SEO). A big misconception with websites is that It is a “set it and forget it” item. However, the design can look spectacular and modern at first glance but that does not mean that the back-end (what’s under the hood) is up to date. Proper maintenance and updates can make a huge difference with the quality, usability, performance, and in some cases, availability of a site.

You may say that your website is simple or “Static”, but even so, it still needs to be monitored, updated and maintained. Regardless of the platform your website is developed on (WordPress, HTML, Joomla…) keeping up to date with new releases in software and program fixes can provide consistent availability and the peace of mind knowing that your site is being watched over and running smoothly.

Levels of Maintenance Programs

There are varying levels of maintenance programs. Everything from a one-hour per month program which makes sure it is up to date and available to the internet, to a full maintenance package that handles normal maintenance plus regular backups, site performance, repairing broken links, monitoring SEO performance, security, even making changes to the functionality or the content of the site.

A website is a critical investment and a valuable marketing tool for your business. Website Maintenance is affordable and very beneficial in an industry that is constantly changing. You can’t afford to have your website down. It is your 7x24x365 sales rep. So contact your web vendor, choose which plan is right for your particular situation, get some peace of mind and go back to what you do best, like running your business.

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