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MVP was fortunate enough to learn about a training program by Dana Wilde of “The Mind Aware“. This program is specifically designed to help business owners focus on objectives, generate positive mental awareness, prioritize their efforts and grow their businesses in a very short period of time.

We took the training and achieved more growth in 2 months than we previously had experienced in the six months prior. We wanted to share this with our readers so that you could have the opportunity to do the same thing we did.

Paraphrasing an email from Dana:

Are you frustrated because your business is growing so slowly?

Do you ever wish you could just hit a “forward fast” button and get your business moving?

Are you stuck and wanting to get moving again?

Some of you may know that Dana’s specialty is training brains. Her direct sales team went from zero to over one million in sales in just nineteen months.

She’s got a new program out and you can register for her FREE ONE-HOUR TRAINING in which she tells you how she did it and how you can do it too. And the best part is … you get immediate access.  We want you to know right off the bat that yes, this is an affiliate link and we will make a little if you should decide to purchase her entire program. We’re transparent about this and we don’t often share links such as this in a post but we believe in this offering because of the way it has impacted not only our business, but our life.  And the initial training is FREE.  Chuck always says – “If it’s free, it’s for me”.  If nothing else, you walk away with a very valuable free hour of Dana’s training.

In this training, Dana explains the EXACT techniques she used to rise to the top so quickly.

This FREE training is for you if you . . .

  • Have been using “hard work” as your method to success.
  • Feel like you know all the things you “should” be doing to be successful, but you don’t feel like doing them.
  • Have hit a plateau
  • Would like more consistency in your business
  • Can’t seem to get started
  • Feel like you’re doing everything right, but you’re not getting the same results as others.
  • Just want to get to the top quickly!
  • If you’ve ever been frustrated when someone has told you to “think positive” and you’ve wondered just how to do that . . .
  • If you have hit a plateau in your business and you want to break through . . .

In this training, a few of the things you will learn are:

  • Why most people work LONG HOURS in their businesses and only see incremental growth.
  • The SPECIFIC formula Dana followed to grow her business from ZERO to ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just 19 months!
  • The ONE thing you MUST do to get UNSTUCK and get off The Cycle of Perpetual Sameness!
  • ONE simple technique for training your brain that you can apply IMMEDIATELY that works for even the BIGGEST SKEPTICS!

If you take the course, please let us hear from you in the comments.  Even though we are not a direct sales company, it has made a significant impact for us.  And we’re betting it will for you too!

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