What We Do NOT Do in WordPress

MVP’s business model is different from others. There are plenty of developers out there that love to code in WordPress. That isn’t MVP.  We, on rare occasions, will add well-documented code into the sites we build but, repeat, it is rare.  And we DO NOT edit others’ php code.

“If we didn’t make it, we don’t edit it”
  • Because sometimes that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack – and time is money
  • Because core php code may have been modified for one purpose that may eventually lead to something breaking at another level
  • Because php code is what you will always need a developer for and you will always pay premium dollar for a php developer
  • Because we do know html and css which can many times accomplish the desired outcome and is easily documented
  • Because the website we provide you with will be easily edited by you or by anyone you choose without code. We use a system with drag and drop modules for content, images or whatever else needs to be on your site. It can still look as great and function as great by using a framework and plugins that are premium and updated regularly by their developers.
What this means to you…

We are sorry but we don’t take over websites that were created by other developers unless we rebuild that site on our hosting choice using our tools.  We have just run into too many issues with:

  • “I can’t reach my developer”
  • “I don’t know if they edited the code”
  • “It’s WordPress but it’s not working like it should and I can’t figure out the problem”
  • “I want you to fix it, but I don’t have a big budget”
  • “It worked before but now it doesn’t”
…and the list can go on and on and on…

So… repeat…

“If we didn’t make it, we don’t edit it”