MVP Website Maintenance Packages

We use several management tools that provide us with a host of information about a website. Our monthly maintenance packages not only protect you by keeping you current, but also include a monthly report detailing all of the services performed.

Basic Maintenance Package

WordPress Updates

  • Occasionally, there a new release of WordPress becomes available. When it is an incremental update – as in from WordPress 4.0 to WordPress 4.0.1, this is automatically done by WordPress. When there is a major update – as in from WordPress 4.0 to WordPress 4.1, we manually make those updates after making a complete backup of the site. The report detail will indicate the release level of the upgrade if one is performed. Staying current with WordPress updates is critical to maintain proper site stability and security.

Theme Updates/Upgrades

  • The general design of WordPress websites are based on a theme or design format. Occasionally, these are updated to reflect a newer version. We make sure your theme is on the latest version made available and indicate on the report if an update was made.

Site Availability

  • Our reporting tools advise us when a site has gone down. This can occasionally happen as the hosting company performs maintenance. We monitor these downtimes to make sure there is not an underlying problem and that the site is back up and running quickly. The report for uptime monitoring will include the average percent of time that the site was active and available to the internet.

Plugin Maintenance

  • Plugins provide additional functionality to websites. We monitor the plugins and update them on a daily basis as the new versions becoming available. The report will include the quantity of plugins that were updated.

Database Optimization

  • Spam CommentsThere are a variety of reasons that spammers or hackers attempt to comment or gain access to a website. We monitor and clean any detected spam comments. This does not include monitoring of comments deemed legitimate by WordPress.  The report will include the number of spam comments cleaned.
  • Post Revisons – Having too much spam, and/or post revisions, can increase the weight on your database which will slow down your website over time. We clean these out once per week.
  • Keeping an optimized database is an important part of running your WordPress website. Over time, your MySQL database will build up overhead that slows down your websites and compromises performance. We monitor and clean table overhead on the hosting company’s server once per week.


  • Backing up the website information is critical in the event of loss or damage to the site. We schedule backups to run automatically once per week for all files and if you are a blogger who writes often, we will schedule a daily database only backup as well. We then monitor to insure that these backups were performed and that they were good. The report will provide information on the number of times in a month that the website was successfully backed up as well as the total amount of space required to store a full site backup on the server.
Price: $190/month – 10% discount for 6 months or longer.

Platinum Maintenance with Security Checks

This package includes all Services in Basic Maintenance plus added Services listed below.  There is also a One-Time $190 Initial Setup Fee

We use a paid plugin for which we hold a developer’s license called iThemes Security Pro, which is a top-rated plugin for security. Your site needs to have some initial setup to begin securing it which takes time to do. The initial setup fee includes some or all of the following depending on the current configuration of your site: 

  1. Remove the meta “Generator” tag
  2. Change the urls for WordPress dashboard including login, admin, and more
  3. Completely turn off the ability to login for a given time period (away mode)
  4. Remove theme, plugin, and core update notifications from users who do not have permission to update them
  5. Rename “admin” account
  6. Change the ID on the user with ID 1
  7. Change the WordPress database table prefix
  8. Change wp-content path
  9. Disable login error messages
  10. Disable a users’ author page if their post count is zero
  11. Scan your site to instantly tell where vulnerabilities are and fix them in seconds
  12. Ban troublesome bots and other hosts
  13. Ban troublesome user agents
  14. Prevent brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts
  15. Strengthen server security
  16. Enforce strong passwords for all accounts of a configurable minimum role
  17. Force SSL for admin pages (on supporting servers)
  18. Force SSL for any page or post (on supporting servers)
  19. Turn off file editing from within WordPress admin area
  20. Make it easier for users to log into a site by giving them login and admin URLs that make more sense to someone not accustomed to WordPress
  21. Force users to choose a unique nickname when updating their profile or creating a new account which prevents bots and attackers from easily harvesting user’s login usernames from the code on author pages.

Ongoing Security Monitoring

  • The website is scanned for security threats (Malware, Malicious Java Script or iFrames, anomalies, internet attacks, suspicious re-directs and irregular downloads). A line item in the report with a status of GREEN signifies that the website is clean.
  • Detect and block numerous attacks to your file system and database
  • Detect bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities
  • Monitor file system for unauthorized changes
  • Create and email database backups on a customizable schedule
  • Detect hidden 404 errors on your site that can affect your SEO such as bad links, missing images, etc.

Plugin Review and Analysis Every 6 Months

  • Once every 6 months, we will do a performance analysis of your plugins and make recommendations for other options. Plugins change or become obsolete and oftentimes, this may be due to the developer no longer being in existence, a performance degradation or another plugin conflict. We also may have discovered a new plugin that will work better for your site. We will install and configure any new plugin from this analysis.
Price: $235/month plus initial Setup Fee of $190 – 10% discount for monthly maintenance running 6 months or longer.

Other Items in a Monthly Maintenance Package Reports are:

Site Page Views

  • This number represents the total number of times that a web page was accessed during the month. This does not equate to the number of site visits, only the quantity of website pages viewed. 

Link Monitoring

  • Websites typically have both inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are external locations that provide a link to the website and outbound links are those within the website that provide links to other places on the internet. This number identifies both and verifies that they are all functioning normally.