Pinterest Wannabes, Heads Up – Pinterest is a Visual Board of Your Life

As many of you are discovering, Pinterest is a fabulous site that’s pretty new to the social media scene but has been around for a little bit. You can share photos and images from the web that attach to their own stories – whether it be a recipe, a design project or just a favorite hobby or collection. I joined the Pinterest Waiting List almost exactly one year ago because as a creative, it was an exciting new place for me to be! Once I was approved in April, I went in and immediately created boards with names that appealed to me and my personality instead of using their defaults. Over time, I continually add images and links as they reveal themselves to me as being part of my life.

What’s particularly endearing to me about Pinterest is that it is all visual and that you can really see some gorgeous photos, obtain some magnificent recipes, and reap so many other benefits of thoughtful sayings, collector hobbies and fascinating miracles. I joined this site because of its unique ability to allow you to have so much fun sharing and displaying so much of who you are. Not to mention the sort of visual mind mapping that it allows. We literally re-designed the entire main area of our house and kitchen by pinning elements we planned to incorporate into our design.

Sadly, I am prompted to write this blog because of the “Pinterest Wannabe” crowd. This is the crowd that is joining Pinterest merely for the exposure or because they think it’s where they need to be and not for the value that it offers. According to Pinterest’s “Pin Etiquette“, read Item #3 which explains that this site is not about promoting yourself. As is true with most social networks, it’s about sharing. I have been so disappointed lately watching this “Pinterest Wannabe” crowd appear.

Wannabe Scenario:

  • Someone follows me.
  • I go to their link to see what fascinating things they have for me to “Like” or “Re-Pin”.
  • I find they have no boards, no likes, no pins and yet they are following many and being followed by many.

What a shame. It reminds me of all of those who joined Twitter or Facebook for the same reasons – they join to be part of the “Wannabe” crowd and have no clue how to use it or make it valuable to themselves or others. It’s particularly upsetting with Pinterest because why would I want to follow someone who HAS NO PICTURES OR BOARDS? This is a visual board of your LIFE people. 20% of those following me have no boards whatsoever or one board with one pin relating to their business.

So there.. my rant.. and here’s my advice to Pinterest newbies – don’t be a Wannabe! And…

  1. Don’t sign up if you don’t want to share things you love
  2. If you do sign up, don’t follow anyone until you have something to show them
  3. Don’t put your logo in your photo spot – this is about you, not your company
  4. Have fun with this. Show pieces of who you are professionally because that’s part of who you are – but don’t bore us to death with sell, sell, sell.

Am I too sensitive?


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