Life in the SMART-THING Age (MVP Editorial)

OK, time for a rant. I read an article that quoted a statistic that 80% of divorces today are attributed to social media. As a deterrent to that, quite a few Attorneys are drafting what is being called a “Social Media Prenup”. Basically this is an agreement that outlines the boundaries or social media restrictions each person has, relative to what can be posted on social media. This new version of a prenup can potentially be used to prevent nude or embarrassing photos or posts that could likely harm a spouse’s professional image or reputation. What is the penalty in a case like this? It could be as much as $50,000 for each offense. Yup. That’s what I thought.

In a traditional prenuptial agreement, the intention is to reaffirm each spouse’s property ownership as well as financial responsibilities during, and after, a marriage. Contracts in general are more palatable to courts when obligations or penalties are in terms of money and not nebulous or ill-defined roles. According to the article I read, monetary fines are more common for “post-breakup violations,” but “in-relationship flubs” merit something like “scrubbing the toilet.” A court is far less likely to enforce a toilet-scrubbing punishment than a monetary fine.

OK dear, if you say something I don’t particularly like on social media you have to do the dishes for two weeks, AND make the beds. Are you kidding me? A social media prenup not only complicates the situation, but can really muddy the marital waters.

What’s wrong with a good ole’ fight? Like… “You shouldn’t have said that on Facebook you dumbass!!!” “Now you get to sleep on the couch for the next couple of nights”. Most of these things will blow over and hopefully won’t cause a marital breakup. So in case you haven’t guessed, I’m not a fan of the social media prenup.

Here’s another thing that chaps my butt… How many times have you been with a few people and everyone is on their smart phone or tablet either looking at email, finding something on the internet, or texting someone? This is REALLY prevalent with the younger set, who would text someone rather than call them. Hell, they’ll even text them if they’re standing five feet away. Why spend so much time typing on that little keypad back and forth when you can just call them and have a conversation? I just don’t get it. We should have parties where we “check all smart devices at the door” like we used to do with car keys. That way we will be forced to actually look at each other and talk to one another, just like in the good old days before all these smart-things.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an iPhone, and an iPad, and even an iPod Touch. I have a Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth extension speaker. I use them all the time to get things done, look things up, listen to music, set appointments, I use GPS to find places (because I get lost easily)… you know, productive things. I hate texting. For one thing, my fingers are too big for the keypad and it takes me forever and a day to text anything. I know that on my iPhone, Siri can text from voice but I would rather just call the person, say what I have to say and hang up. DONE. You can’t tell what someone is really thinking in a text many times because there is no emotion or inflection i.e. no voice. When you talk to someone you can read their feelings in the way that they say things. There is much less room for misunderstandings when you actually talk to someone. OK, I digress… maybe I’m just showing my age… life is getting too impersonal. Don’t get me going… I’ll just start up on something else.

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