It’s 2014 and Content IS STILL King

Some of the largest companies in the world today didn’t exist just 10 – 15 years ago. Companies like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter to name just a few. The one thing that all of these huge companies have in common is their product; information.

The web has transformed buying behavior. In the past, if a potential client wanted information on your services they would call your office and engage you or one of your sales team to get the specifics on your offering.

Today, their first stop is undoubtedly the internet. They will search on Google, check out your website and expect to sign up to article updates or social media feeds to find out more. They will check all available online avenues and expect to find valuable content.

The goal in writing is to create the type of information your customers actually want to read. Marketing with valuable content is a win-win for your company and your clients.

Ah, but what is great content? How do you demonstrate your expertise and usefulness?

Here are some questions you may ask yourself when writing or posting content in your blog, website, social network or other online channels:

  1. Will anyone really care about this content besides me?
  2. Will I offend anyone with this content? If so, who? Does it matter?
  3. Is this appropriate for a social portal, or would it best be communicated another way?
  4. Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this?
  5. Will everyone understand what I’m saying?
  6. Is this well thought-out?
  7. Is this really something I want to share, or am I just venting?

OK, here are some thought provoking criteria that can help you create great content.

­  Everyone Enjoys Content That:

  1. Reminds us that life is short
  2. Reminds us that dreams can come true
  3. Gives us faith to believe in bigger things
  4. Reminds us that we all matter
  5. Reminds us of the overlooked or forgotten “Basics”
  6. Has unexpected twists
  7. Tells us a story
  8. Takes us along on a journey
  9. Inspires us to take action
  10. Makes us laugh or smile
  11. Makes us cry (tears of joy OR sadness)
  12. Reveals secrets
  13. Surprises us
  14. Encourages us to never give up
  15. Reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind and encourages us to live that way
  16. Reminds us that there is more
  17. Confirms our assumptions
  18. Challenges our assumptions
  19. Educates us while entertaining us
  20. Shows that the underdog can win
  21. Gives us a fresh point of view, even about common things

­  These 21 types of content were First seen at

If you’re looking to increase the social sharing frequency of your content, aim to leverage both emotional and technical elements to encourage readers to share articles on their own social networks. Having content go viral in this way is one of the most effective forms of monetization, as readers become a promotional force on your behalf.

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