An MVP Client Experience

This particular service oriented company, we’ll call them Company X (to protect their privacy), had been in business for 30 years relying solely on word of mouth for new client leads. This approach had worked fine for all these years so why should they change? The business had been successful enough to support and raise a family. The problem was that the client count remained relatively stagnant. The business was not growing. The son got involved as the Manager of Marketing and said to his dad, “it’s time that we started using the internet to promote the business”, something the dad was totally unfamiliar with. The son contracted with a company to build a website for the business. Unfortunately, that company only did web development. They were not skilled in SEO (search engine optimization) or social media so although the site was online, it was not showing up in the search engines and therefore was not being seen which resulted in no new leads.

We met the son through a business connection and began discussing their goals and objectives. We recommended using SEO on the site to help the visibility in search engines and one social media site to help promote the business. They chose MVP because not only were we a web design firm with quite a few years of experience, but we could provide the SEO and social media skills necessary to help get their website found on the internet.

About a month after doing the initial Local SEO and social media implementation, their website ranked on page one for a number of surrounding cities. This expanded their working territory and the calls started coming in. Needless to say, they were quite pleased.

A short time later, the son called and said that the site was down. Since the developer of the site was not maintaining proper currency in WordPress or its Plugins, the site got hacked. We were able to rebuild the site for Company X and they signed on for our standard monthly website maintenance package to protect it.

Fast forward less than a year later; the son told us that they had added two new trucks and 4 new employees to handle the additional business load. Company X is still a very happy client and we are very pleased to be maintaining their website for them.

The moral of this story is that you do need a well-designed website in today’s online world, but your site also has to be visible to potential customers who may be searching for your type of product or service. It also has to be properly maintained to avoid problems. Make sure you choose a company that has the experience and can provide all of these services for you.

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