5 Keys to Successful Web Design

Your Site Should Work for You

Are you getting business leads from your website? If not, you need to find out why. If this is not something you are skilled or comfortable doing, you should partner with an experienced team of professionals that understand what it takes. Find someone who has “been there, seen that, and done that”. There are many so-called “experts” out there who over-promise when it comes to website development and SEO. Finding the right firm for your business will result in an enjoyable and successful experience.

Don’t Be Misled by Price Alone

Although pricing is an important aspect of your choice, your decision to partner with a particular firm should be based on their expertise, skills and compatibility. They should respond same-day or at a minimum, within 24 hours to any online or phone inquiry. They should help your business move in the right direction towards your objectives and be excited to work with you. Remember the old adage “You get what you pay for”. Don’t make that mistake when it comes to your business.

One-on-One Communication

Many website development companies don’t allow you to communicate with the graphic designer that is working on your project. This could equate to trouble and extra expense. Designers are creative by nature, and they need to know what you want to communicate to your website visitors. The best designers will pair your ideas with their creative talents to represent your brand in a compelling way.


Your website design firm should be capable of making your website vision a reality. You should also have the option of maintaining the content yourself to keep your costs down and content fresh. When you’re interviewing various companies, ask to see their portfolio, and have them thoroughly explain the design process to you. Ask for references because the best sources for the truth are previous clients.

Why You Need a Professional

Your business may currently have an in-house person, a friend of the family or even a college student doing your website design and maintenance. These people can easily send the wrong message to your prospective customers. An outside professional can provide you with a fresh perspective about what the industry is currently doing. It is always a great idea to get an experienced perspective on how the site works, on how the copy reads and if the site is tuned correctly for SEO. All of these things can be easily missed by choosing the wrong person or design firm.

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